“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” 
A multitasking. an all-around manager. A wheeler-dealer who will sell anything to anyone; an entrepreneur; someone who knows a little about a lot and uses it to get their way, and many more terms to describe  a jack of all trades. the  Origin of the 
The phrase dates to the 14th century. At this time "Jack" was a typical name to describe the ordinary man. The working class often had to supplement their income by doing other jobs. A builder would supplement his income by painting or farming as well.
Can anyone be multitasking? And why do we need such skills in our lives? And is it good to multitask? All this and more will be answered in this article. 
This so-called jack of all trades was in fact William Shakespeare. The full phrase is “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” The phrase was originally used to describe a playwright who was always hanging around theaters. He would help with the stage, the set, and the costumes. He would remember lines and try directing. It was, and it was a compliment.  Far from letting it deter their path, some entrepreneurs swear that being a jack of all trades brings benefits. And if any age needs jack-of-all trading, it is this age, with the new wave of entrepreneurs and small business owners who must do more than one task to keep the workflow; in other words, can't afford to pay or hire an  employee to do tasks
And if needed, will use a multitasking person to save money.
it takes special breed of people to be like that; to be eager to know more and learn what is new to fields that attracted you and use this knowledge to solve problems; for example in the army you have regular units in army, navy and air force   but you have special units as seal or special forces who can  operate in the sea air & land  to do rather hard or even impossible missions for regular troops, often called elite units.
Is it good to multitask? Yes,  but it is not a skill that everyone has; some people have it. And some do not,
 For example, in  the 80’s TV series MacGyver, the hero can do a lot of heroic tasks, using his knowledge and science  to do wonders and with the help  his trusty Swiss army knife, A perfect tool for such a hero, this tool and this hero became an icon at that age and affected a lot of generations  to be more like the hero. And in cars as well, search for the (unimog-  truck ) and you will be amazed.
In each successful  company you must find a black horse,, a joker, someone who solves problems; a team player, the united nation between departments; this saves time and money and keeps time frames on track ; 
Time management  is a key success in any business; add to this cooperation between departments and teams; that is why more companies turned to hire less specialized teams as they found Specializing too narrowly causes systematic problems and  departments don’t understand each other.
Broader knowledge leads to greater understanding and better consulting. Companies prefer get more than what they pay for this means pay for someone to do more than one role, lately a new term was often asked in a job description  ‘all around manager’ as they do offer a boost to the business or project because they know exactly what is needed to complete any task and even if not they will figure it out as well as they know the limit and capability  of others  involved and even the workflow of other departments. And often will use solutions & ideas  outside the box as they are more flexible and tend to get things done.
TTo live is to change this I understood very  well after reading  (Death of a Salesman by Arthur miller), through the years and  life without internet, only radio or tv, then computers and internet, and now the smart phones, and who knows what will be in the future, and yet my generation adapted with all these changes very well.
All this and more affected me and  my work experience  and made me flexible  for changes, through the years. 
A live example of this is me; I  love photography &  I used to borrow a camera from a friend of mine and took photos of us going out for my birthday. I studied English literature,  worked in sales in the communication field,  then a master control supervisor at a t.v. station, then P.R.And studied filmmaking to  learn the basics of photography, editing directing, and even then  i went to be a video editor not a photographer i worked for a couple of years as a video editor and one day in filming set I took the camera from the photographer of the company & it was the first time to take a camera and move in the set taking photos right away i saw different photos, a better composition, if i may say these was my photos, this experiment made me realize my true passion, One day a got a phone call from a relative of mine asking for help as they had engagement the following day and the photographer canceled and they know i take good photos i rented  a camera and went in action i took 1024 photos at  that day,  add to this videos, and only then after this expe manet I bought a  used camera and Started my career not as a photographer but as a filmmaker.
At the time social media was in its early days and I had to promote my business, create a page &  learn how to promote it, and even doing so for friends as well to help them,  this led to work  in digital marketing.  As a professional digital marketer who can create content,  and if you are not surprised yet, wait for it, a multinational company with 27 branches around the world had a job vacancy with the following needs: a digital marketer who can take photos and can edit videos with I.T.  background and sales experience this was a sign for me, I applied and through 6 years i accomplished any task assigned to me and added to my experience H.S.E. , purchasing and event organization. But this is not the end of the story. Due to a lot of reasons I wrote in an earlier article (27 days without a smartphone )  I decided to conquer the freelancing world and opened my own photography company.  a love example of jack of all trades strange as it is, i studied William Shakespeare at college, through 21 years of work experience; i used my knowledge  with harmony to help others and fulfill tasks.

 Digital marketing is like no other field combining several fields  like  photography, video editing, film making in general, writing articles, graphic design  and even technology add to this strategic planning. This answers an important question: is jack of all trades person important? The answer is yes, always has been and will be in the future. It is like the bonding element of success, whatever the role is a manager, entrepreneur or a freelancer or even an employee, in any business is needed to maintain the rate of changes and updates. The modern business environment demands all-round leadership.
Written by: Nasser Fouad
27 days without a smartphone in the digital world
This is with no doubt the age of smartphones & technology specially your smartphone, you go everywhere with it, you do not let it out form your sight, battery must be charged all the time or the world might come to an end,
Now days your whole world is in this tiny piece of metal or plastic with chipset and circuits You check your e mails, know about major news, get to be invited to events, do your business, pay your bills & a lot more, it is not just a phone for calls any more add to this what if your phone is a major aspect of your work when you are a digital marketer this changes the importance of your phone totally. What could happen if you lose your phone? will the world come to an end? that is what we will discover together,
One day I woke up as usual at 6 am made my coffee and sat down to see what did I miss while sleeping, to find nothing to scroll and shockingly I remember that I lost my smartphone yesterday in the sea, while covering a team building event for my company. What to do now? what did I used to do before smart phone? strange feeling to do nothing at the morning waiting to go to work to check E-mails and news, you feel like left out as you miss a barrage of info through WhatsApp groups, and I ask myself again what did I used to do before all that? What happened to make smartphones so important? As a practical person I started to analyze the situation   first what to do?  as my phone was lost in the sea so no one stole or can access it but any way I went through find my phone & erase data as I do not like to leave anything to change then then what will I do, I changed all passwords restored my sim card and put it in old phone with a flash light that sadly did not work :d  put it was ok I made and received phone calls  started to open any websites from my laptop face book linked in google etc. Long story sort I survived and got out of this experiment with a lot of lessons allow me to share it with you.
Backup always backup your date ether by copying to your pc or laptop or through google drive or Samsung cloud, keep a piece of paper with important phone numbers to reach to when you lose or damage your phone, also do this for passwords but keep in a safe place, all security features regarding find my phone or erase phone are vital .keep up to date with its options ,do not feel sad when people sends to you on WhatsApp and ask you ,why did not you replay ?even  if they know you lost your phone as they cannot imagine you can life without it :d, when you are doing outdoor activity  keep your phone keys and wallet and money in one place  better be a cross bag or seal pocket much more easy to keep tracking and one more golden advice to not ever under any circumstances use your private  items for work. Also do not underestimate old phones specially if the flashlight works it’s a life saver and you only charge it every week.: d.
Yes, smartphones are important, but learn to control it sure we can.
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